Ancient dessert belonging to the eighteenth-century convent culture: crispy shortcrust pastry filled with a blend of noble dried fruit - toasted almonds and hazelnuts - accompanied by the classic spiciness of Sicilian pastry: cinnamon and clove.

It gives a long charge of energy throughout the day. From breakfast to meditation dessert after dinner, it is accompanied with almond milk or red vermouth.
€ 13,00
Weight: 340 grams

Weight for unit: Every Raviola weights in average 85 grams

Ingredients: Soft wheat flour - Sugar - Romana cultivar Almond - Hazelnut paste - Eggs - Butter - Cinnamon - Cloves - Ammonia for sweets
The expiration date is valid for closed and unhandled package.
Store away from light and heat sources.
Store in a cool and dry place.
After opening do not refrigerate. Consume within 7 days after opening.
It is sensible of sudden changes in humidity. After opening keep in a closed container away from sudden changes in humidity. Do not refrigerate.

Shipping is free for orders over € 80,00 (Eighty euro) to Italy.
In the towns of Noto, Avola and Rosolini (SR) shipping costs are always free.

Shipping is free for orders over € 120.00 (One hundred euros) to Germany.

Shipping is free for orders over € 150,00 (One hundred fifthy euros) for all other Europian countries except for Azores, Corsica, Greece, Madeira, Switzerland. For the latter shipping is free for orders over € 400.00 (Four hundred euros).


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