General sales conditions

1. General information


1.1 These general conditions (hereinafter, “General Terms and Conditions”) are governed by Decreto Legislativo 6 settembre 2005 n. 206 ("Consumer Code") containing the provisions for the protection of the consumers and in particular from articles 50 to 68 relating to distance selling. 


1.2 The General Terms and Conditions apply to purchase orders for products issued online on these websites ( for deliveries to be carried out exclusively in countries belonging to the European community (including the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican CITY). 


1.3 By checking the box "Accept the Terms and Conditions of sale" that appears during the purchase procedure, the buyer accepts all the contractual conditions set out below. In the absence of explicit acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, it will not be allowed to complete the online purchase procedure. 


1.4 Caffè Sicilia Srl reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. However, the changes will not have value in relation to the purchase orders that have been sent before the publication of the changes on the website. 


1.5 For the conditions of use of the website and the privacy policy, please refer to the "General Terms and Conditions" of the website as well as to the "Privacy Policy" below. 


1.6 With the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and therefore with the issue of the purchase order, the buyer expresses her/his consent so that all communications are sent and received by e-mail. The cost of using the communication technique depends on the rate applied by the internet service provider. 


1.7 The buyer will be responsible for the correctness of the e-mail address and of all the information entered when the order was issued or when the account was opened. 


1.8 For any question regarding the General Terms and Conditions or for any complaint, please contact: 


Caffè Sicilia Srl
Number: 0931 835013


2. Issuing of the order and purchase conditions


2.1 The buyer can purchase the Products by accessing the website. The purchase order will be automatically issued at the end of the order issue procedure. Only the Products present in the on-line catalogue of the website at the time the order is issued can be purchased. 


2.2 The correct receipt of the order will be confirmed by Caffè Sicilia srl by e-mail communication sent to the e-mail address provided by the buyer. The confirmation message will contain the essential characteristics of the purchased products, the price of the purchased products including additional taxes and duties, delivery costs, payment and delivery methods and the identification number of the order to be used in any subsequent communication with Caffè Sicilia Srl. 


2.3 Caffè Sicilia srl will ship the Products available in the warehouse within the third working day following receipt of the order and receipt of payment. If a product does not show the same lot number, or the same percentages of ingredients present on the product sheet at the time of purchase, the reason is to be found only in the will of Caffè Sicilia, to deliver to the buyer a product as fresh as possible, subject to availability, during the preparation of the order. 


2.4 In the event of non-execution of the order due to unavailability - even temporarily - of the Products, Caffè Sicilia srl, within thirty days of receipt of the order, will inform the buyer by e-mail communication to the e-mail address and will consequently re-credit any amount paid. 


2.5 The buyer must make the payment, in the forms referred to in point 5 below, at the same time as placing the order or, in the case of payment by bank transfer, within 72 hours of receipt the confirmation of order. Otherwise Caffè Sicilia srl will deem the order null and void by communicating a dispute to the buyer. 




2.6 For each order placed online at the address (URL), Caffè Sicilia Srl will issue an invoice for the products shipped, sending it in electronic format, in accordance with art 14 D.P.R. 445/2000 and DL 52/2004. For the issuance of the invoice, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order will prevail. It will also be possible to view the invoice from your account, in the "My Orders" area. 


2.7 No change in the invoice will be possible after it has been issued. 



3. Delivery


3.1 The delivery times of the goods to the Transporter will depend on the payment method chosen by the Customer. After the payment of the order, the goods will be delivered to the Transporter and delivered to the Customer within an average indicative time of 2/4 working days following the date of accounting for the payment chosen by the Customer. In no case can Caffè Sicilia srl be held responsible for the delayed or non-delivery attributable to the courier or due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. In the event that the Customer indicates the pickup in store as a shipping method, the pickup will be made at Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 125 - Noto (SR) - 96017, from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 sm to 04:00 pm, prior telephone appointment. 


3.2 Caffè Sicilia srl may, at its discretion, decide to make multiple partial deliveries. In this case, the buyer will not be burdened with any additional cost compared to that foreseen for a single delivery. 


3.3 The ordered products will be delivered in the original design however Caffè Sicilia srl, subject to communication from the supplier, reserves the right to make changes to the Products that do not alter or improve their functionality. 


3.4  If delivery is not possible, within thirty (30) days, the order can be cancelled. If all payments have been made, they will be returned from us within 30 (thirty) days. 


3.5 At the time of delivery of the goods, the customer is required to check: that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document, that the packaging is intact and not altered even in the closing tapes. In the event of tampering and/or breakages, the Customer must immediately contest the shipment and/or delivery by affixing the writing "RESERVE OF ACCEPTANCE FOR DAMAGES OR LACK OF PACKAGE" on the copy of the delivery document to be returned signed to the courier or other operator. The customer is required to report any damage within 2 (two) days of receipt of the goods, at the following addresses by sending a photo of what has been received: 



4. Prices and delivery costs


4.1 All prices of the Products contained in the on-line catalogue are expressed in Euros and net of shipping costs. Shipping costs will be calculated considering the destination area and the weight of the individual packages. The Products are sold at the list prices in force when the order was issued. 


4.2 Caffè Sicilia srl reserves the right to vary the shipping costs by prior estimate or telephone notification for deliveries to particularly disadvantaged places that need logistic implementation of special porterage by the courier or for products with a volume weight not adequate for the cost indicated on the site. 


4.3 The buyer undertakes to reimburse Caffè Sicilia srl for any additional expenses that the same has had to incur for shipments or movements caused by a failure by the buyer to comply with the agreements made for the date, time and place of delivery.



5. Payment


5.1 The payment of the Products can only be made by Credit Card or Bank Transfer for shipments made by BRT courier. In the event of pickup from store, payment can be made by Credit Card or Cash at time of collection. 


5.2 Caffè Sicilia srl allows the buyer to make online payments in absolute safety through an automatic encryption system for the information entered and the assistance of an external provider. 


5.3 The data relating to the credit card will be provided by the buyer during the order issuing procedure. 


5.4 Whatever the payment method used, the order is not taken into consideration until it is validated. The Seller must therefore send a confirmation e-mail and the customer's account will be debited. The Seller guarantees the full confidentiality of the banking information which automatically controls the Customer's right to use the credit card and encrypts all operations to guarantee confidentiality. 


5.5 The parties accept the electronic evidence in the framework of their relations (e-mail, back-up, etc. ). The parties agree that the data recorded by the Seller is proof of all the Customer's transactions on the site. The data recorded by the payment system are proof of financial transactions. Order forms and invoices are stored on a reliable, durable medium, which can be exhibited as covenant proof. 



6. Right of withdrawal


6.1 Pending the perishability of the proposed products, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts concluded through the website



7. Force majeure


7.1 Caffè Sicilia srl will not be held responsible for defaults or delays in the execution of the order in the event that these defaults or delays are caused, impediments such as work interruptions, union agitations, suspension of transport and any other cause that may integrate an impediment due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. 



8. Intellectual property


8.1  All texts, comments, illustrations and images reproduced on our website are covered by copyright. All rights reserved. Any partial or total reproduction without the Seller's consent is prohibited. The order does not involve the transfer or granting of intellectual property rights, unless expressly indicated. 



9. Responsibility


9.1 The proposed products comply with the law. The Seller cannot be held responsible if it has performed its services in accordance with it.


9.2 The Seller will not be responsible for any indirect loss of business, profits, opportunities, production, activities, customers, damage to reputation: a list made purely by way of example. 



10. Privacy protection


10.1 The provision of personal data for online sales is mandatory as it is necessary for order processing and shipping and for billing. This information is strictly confidential. Failure to provide information will automatically reject the order. 


10.2 The Seller undertakes not to disclose the information provided by its customers to third parties. They are used only for internal management purposes, that is, for order management, billing, service, solvency, marketing or personalized advertising without the list being exhaustive. 



11. Applicability of the general conditions of use


11.1 Any order by the Customer and all deliveries made by the Seller implies full and unconditional acceptance by the Customer of these General Terms and Conditions, excluding any other document, such as the Customer's own terms and general conditions, or any brochures, catalogues, etc. , which are provided for information only. 


11.2 The parties expressly agree that these General Terms and Conditions apply to their commercial relations, unless otherwise provided in writing. The express waiver of one of the general or particular terms or conditions does not affect the application of the other general or particular clauses. 


11.3 The cancellation or inapplicability of one of the clauses of the general or particular conditions, has no effect on the totality of the other provisions of the general and particular terms and conditions, which remain valid and applicable. 


11.4 The fact that the customer has not received these General Terms and Conditions in his native language does not exempt him from their application. 


11.5 The ordering of any product offered on the site presupposes the reading and express acceptance of these General Terms and conditions, and this acceptance does not require the customer's handwritten signature. 



12. Applicable law


12.1 The General Conditions are governed by Italian law. 


12.2 For any controversy relating to the General Terms and Conditions, the place of residence of the purchaser will be competent, if the latter is a consumer. In all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction will be exclusively that of Siracusa. 


12.3 Any reference to the caffesicilia trademark / domain must be understood as made to Caffè Sicilia Srl with registered office in Vittorio Emanuele, 125 - 96017 - Noto (SR) CF / VAT number 01154280893 which owns the aforementioned trademark / domain. 



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