Like Moreschi, these biscuits were born in the confectioner’s hands at Caffè Sicilia. Enclosed in the centre is a soft filling of Diamante citron jam between two thin disks of white almond paste perfumed with Syracuse Femminello lemon.

Delicate and persistent, its floral bouquet goes well with fresh dessert wines with hints of yellow fruit.
€ 7,50
Weight: 160 grams

Weight for unit: Every Normanno weights in average 35 grams

Ingredients: Citron jam - Sugar - Romana Cultivar Almonds - Egg white - Fine wheat flour - Honey
The expiration date is valid for closed and unhandled package.
Store away from light and heat sources.
Store in a cool and dry place.
After opening do not refrigerate. Consume within 7 days after opening.
It is sensible of sudden changes in humidity. After opening keep in a closed container away from sudden changes in humidity. Do not refrigerate.

Shipping is free for orders over € 80,00 (Eighty euro) to Italy.
In the towns of Noto, Avola and Rosolini (SR) shipping costs are always free.

Shipping is free for orders over € 120.00 (One hundred euros) to Germany.

Shipping is free for orders over € 150,00 (One hundred fifthy euros) for all other Europian countries except for Azores, Corsica, Greece, Madeira, Switzerland. For the latter shipping is free for orders over € 400.00 (Four hundred euros).


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