Peeled Bronte Pistachio D.O.P.

We chose it as the pistachio for the entire production of pastry and ice cream from Caffè Sicilia when it was not yet decorated with the D.O.P. When only a small circle of lovers knew its existence and its value. On Etna’s volcanic soil, the plants concentrate within their fruits the typical minerality found in all fruits grown in lava-rich earth. The high percentage of fat that connotes taste and consistency. Delicate but persistent, its bouquet goes from sweet to mineral in an instant. Always accompanied by a creaminess that physically distinguishes it on the palate of those who taste it. Here it is used in its skinless version of the seed.

Easily applied in pastry, in cookies and fillings, milk-based creams, and puddings. It is one of the bestselling flavours of the Sicilian artisan ice cream shop. It also finds ample space in the savory part of the kitchen as a sauce or cream for dishes of all kinds. It harmonizes well with herbs, vegetables and spices from the world for a modern and dynamic cuisine that loves comparison and openness to the new.
€ 20,00
Weight: 250 grams / 1000 grams

Ingredients: Peeled Bronte Pistachio D.O.P. 100 %
The expiration date is valid for closed and unhandled package.
Store away from light and heat sources.
Store in a cool and dry place, protected from sudden changes in humidity.
Preferably to be stored in a container that keep the light away.
Keep away from light. Photosensitive, the light causes its colour alteration (typical in the pistachio of Bronte D.O.P.).
In this storage condition consume within 60 days after opening.
It can be stored in the fridge, between 0 ° C and + 4 ° C in a closed containers.
Consume within 90 days after opening. Please use always clean tools when extracting the product out of its container.

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